practice area

arbitration disputes

time and voyage charters
sale and purchase contracts
shipbuilding contracts
demurrage and freight
dry docking and repairs
safe ports
bunker fuel specification
ship management
stevedore damage
detention and piracy

charter party disputes

  • COA cancelled: what would the vessel earn from that day until the end of the contract?
  • C/P repudiation: what earnings were lost, what alternative earnings were available?
  • How many voyages could the vessel have performed?
  • What alternative business was/is available?
  • Vessel breakdown: earnings lost? what security to put down on litigation claim?
  • etc.

Derivative Disputes

  • Vessel arrested for a FFA claim
  • Were the vessel's earnings hedged - should this be considered in quantum assessments?
  • Counterparty in liquidation - what is the trading book worth/marked-to-market
  • Analysis of trading portfolios
  • etc.

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